Multi-talented artist, producer and instrumentalist, Mia Lj, teams up with SM1LO and Radio Smash on her latest collaboration, “Love to Hurt.” Check it out on EDM Insiders

Love to Hurt is a song that hits so hard with those battling an addiction to toxic love. It all began when Radio Smash sent over the idea to SM1LO. He fell in love with it and scheduled a studio session with the guys. When they met, the song began to unveil itself seamlessly. The collective creative flow allowed the concept and production to progress so quickly. In that same studio session SM1LO invited over singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer Mia LJ to see if she would be a good fit. When she arrived and began singing, it all just felt right. The tone, the delivery: She embodied the true emotion of the song. Within a matter of hours, Love to Hurt was born. Stemming from emotion, past trauma, and serving as a message to all those addicted to the pain that accompanies toxic love and self sabotage.